Need to translate a text? We make it easy.
By taking advantage of Skuuper translation tool services you can manage your translations in one place!
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What is Translation tool?

It is an easy-to-use and intuitive translation tool, that saves all your translated texts in your personal translation memory, which facilitates and speeds up your upcoming work. Skuuper general translation memory and machine translation will help you even further.

How does it work?


Upload a document

Drag and drop a text to our translation tool or type it in. It is as easy as it can be. You can upload txt, doc, docx and pdf files to the system. As an additional service users can purchase OCR to detect texts in scanned documents.

Select language

We currently support 15 language pairs connecting 6 languages: Estonian, English, Spanish, Russian, German and French.
Choose your language and you are ready to go.

Start translating by using our intuitive tool

We provide you with an easy to use tool for post-editing and proofreading translations. No webinars or hard learning is needed to master translation tool.

Complete your task

After completing the translation, your text will be saved on your Skuuper account, where you can edit it any time you want.You can download final documents in the following formats: pdf, docx, or txt.