What do we provide?

Skuuper is a clever translation technology that combines a translation tool, translation memories and a marketplace.

Translation tool

We provide you with a translation tool to make the translation process easier. The tool creates your own translation memory, which will allow you to work even faster.

Get translation

Fast services, low prices and transparency. No matter whether you need a small or a large text to be translated, we do it all.

Earn money

Skuuper is a great opportunity for multilingual talents. Many people around the globe know more than one language and can turn their knowledge into an asset.


“Skuuper has helped us translating the Ava website for our market launch in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy and the Spanish speaking regions. We have been very impressed by Raul´s approach to understand that - despite digital connectivity - only personal and individual solutions are sustainable. The Skuuper team is fast, efficient and very much solution oriented.”
Sarah Ackermann from AvaWomen
“Skuuper on minu jaoks asendamatu töövahend mitmes mõttes. Kõige olulisem on muidugi tema lihtsus, loogilisus ja kasutajasõbralikkus, aga patrioodina hindan ma ka selle kodumaist päritolu. Neil on arenemiskirge - see teeb kasutaja elu veelgi mugavamaks.”
Skuuper is unreplaceable tool for me by many means. The most important is its simplicity, logic and user friendliness, but as patriot I also have esteem on its domestic roots. They have passion to develop - it will make the users life more easier
Estonian translator