What do we provide?

Skuuper is a clever translation technology that combines a translation tool, translation memories and a marketplace.

Translation tool

We provide you with a translation tool to make the translation process easier. The tool creates your own translation memory, which will allow you to work even faster.

Get translation

Fast services, low prices and transparency. No matter whether you need a small or a large text to be translated, we do it all.

Earn money

Skuuper is a great opportunity for multilingual talents. Many people around the globe know more than one language and can turn their knowledge into an asset. If you are a university student, or just someone who is good in at least two languages, this is a great opportunity to earn some money.

Latest News

30 Dec 2017 Merry Christmas and happy new year!

We congratulate you with upcoming holidays and wish you luck, happiness and hope you will not encounter any problems understanding or translating texts into any language!

20 Aug 2017 Changes in management

We announce changes in governing structure of our company. Inge Rätsep is appointed the CEO, and Advisory board is created to supervise strategic development with Raul, Arvo and Martin.

27 Feb 2017 CAT beta

We have launched CAT beta! Try it out now, it's free until summer!

16 Dec 2016 We have a blog!

Dear Skuuper customers, visitors, partners and stakeholders! We are proud to announce our blog as a way to communicate things and keep you up to date. We are launching our beta CAT soon. Stay with us!