Earn money translating. Anytime, anywhere.
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Skuuper gives language savvy people an excellent opportunity to earn money. As a freelance translator you decide yourself how much you work.

How does it work?

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Create an account after reading through the terms of agreement terms and conditions. When evaluating your linguistic capabilities, do it adequately. Skuuper will have the right to test your knowledge. After filling in the registration form and agreeing to the terms and conditions you are free to start your job as a translator through Skuuper.

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Accept a translation offer

According to the order placed by the client, Skuuper's system will find the most appropriate translators for the job. If the language direction and subject of an ordered translation matches your profile, a notification will be sent to your e-mail. Read through the offer as soon as possible, because it may be sent to several translators. The first translator to accept the offer will get the job. Remember to evaluate your language skills and availability of time adequately for each job.

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Start translating

For facilitating your translation process and managing the order, translating takes place in the Skuuper translation tool. This is a web based application built for translating files and creating/managing translation memory.

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Follow your ratings

Remember that you are being rated – both internally by Skuuper and by the client. Good ratings increase your chances of being selected for jobs.

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Get paid

Payments are made to your bank account twice a month. See your payment dates in the contract. Each payment will include any income received during the past two weeks.

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